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Value-Added Services Boost Your ROI

Intervala provides turnkey manufacturing solutions by combining our extensive manufacturing capabilities with interlocked value-added services. By outsourcing your manufacturing needs to us, you can maximize your return on investment and reduce your inventory and purchasing costs.


Program Management

We believe that one of the keys to successful customer relationships is creating a customized experience tailored to each customer’s requirements. At Intervala, we assemble a dedicated and multi-functional customer-focused team, which you will meet during initial contact, led by a program manager. This team approach provides you with:



With capabilities in electronic, mechanical, optical, and embedded system design, Intervala has a full suite of design experience. We can evaluate your designs for manufacturability, testability, and reliability. In addition, our team can redesign existing products for sustained manufacturability, improved reliability, and cost optimization. And we ensure you receive a high-quality product by testing at the board, box-build, and system levels.

Our engineering expertise includes:

Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

  • Design tools – ORCAD, Component Integration System, Solidworks, AutoCAD, and Inventor
  • Prototyping and first article of new designs
  • Formal DFx reviews with Valor® DFM software

    New PRODUCT Introduction (NPI) Engineering

    • Phase-gate process using proprietary software
    • Up-front session with customer to identify goals and outline process
    • Collaboration with manufacturing/process engineering to develop fixtures and improve turnaround time
    • Collaboration with test engineering to ensure the test process is all in place prior to first article deployments
    • Prototyping and first article of new designs
    • Oversight of component procurement
    • Product cost tracking

    Component Engineering

    • Lifecycle management using Silicon Expert for component engineering
    • BOM review to identify potential obsolete components and replacements in advance
    • RoHS BOM conversions and drawing package updates

    Test and Manufacturing Engineering

    • In-house test development (hardware and software)
    • In-circuit test (ICT), Flying probe, and functional test development
    • Design and manufacture production aides and fixtures
    • Design and build test fixtures for optical testing, alignment and focus

    Operational Excellence

    We follow a structured process to analyze cost and create value for you. Our team employs the latest tools and techniques to ensure operating effectiveness. We use PFMEA to maintain consistent outputs, Six Sigma methodologies for problem solving, and statistical process control tools to monitor processes.


    Supply Chain Management 

    We take a proactive approach to supply chain management because we know that customer forecasts change. At Intervala, you’ll have a customized materials management plan that maximizes flexibility and balances lead times, inventory liability, component availability, and cost to meet your specific needs. We employ a variety of materials management techniques, including:

    • Kanban
    • Build-to-forecast
    • Build-to-order
    • Supplier-managed inventory
    • Customer consigned material

    Direct Order Fulfillment

    Entrusting your manufacturer with direct order fulfillment takes confidence that they will represent your business objectives and brand reliably. Intervala handles global fulfillment for Fortune 500 customers. As your manufacturing partner, we will work with you to understand your requirements, devise solutions to packaging and shipping challenges, and implement a plan that will delight your customers and accomplish your objectives. 


    Aftermarket Support

    Intervala helps you support your products after they are built and sold, extending the life of your and your customers’ investment. Providing an after-market solution for your sophisticated and complex products helps reinforce that your brand is committed to quality and builds customer loyalty. Intervala’s after-market services include:

    • Product repair, remanufacturing and refurbishment 
    • Exchange program for immediate shipment of commonly repaired or critical items
    • Life cycle management
    • Failure analysis, hardware and software upgrades
    • Sustaining engineering
    • Direct repairs from customer’s end users