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Our Capabilities


Turnkey Manufacturing for Complex Electronic and Electromechanical Products

At Intervala, we’re about providing you with a complete solution to your manufacturing requirements. Our established in-house capabilities and processes include state-of-the-art printed circuit board assembly, electronic and electromechanical integration, and machining and mechanical systems. We draw on our extensive capabilities to provide full system integration and product configuration, as well. 

Customers with demanding manufacturing requirements select Intervala because we excel at:

Complex and sophisticated electronic and electromechanical products, delivering:

  • Rapid implementation of design enhancements

  • Product life cycle management

  • Broad manufacturing capabilities to produce key subsystems or finished products

  • Ongoing engineering support

Products that must perform reliably in harsh applications or strict environments, and require:

  • Stringent quality requirements

  • Adherence to applicable regulatory standards

  • Expertise to recommend best practices for specific environments

Low- to mid-volume production within high-mix, product portfolios, characterized by:

  • Numerous product configurations and design changes

  • Additional value-added services like customization and direct order fulfillment

Responsiveness to accommodate end users’ rapidly changing forecasts, including:

  • Unique supply chain strategies to ensure material availability

  • Flexibility to meet fluctuations in customer needs


Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Surface Mount, Through-hole and Mixed Technology

  • Fine pitch SMT, ball grid array (BGA), micro BGA and high-density PCBAs

  • Multiple high-speed flexible SMT lines, 01005 placement capability

  • Quick changeover capability

  • Inline solder paste inspection and automated optical inspection (AOI)

  • Environmentally controlled

  • IPC-WHMA-A-610 trained operators

Wave and Selective Soldering

  • Parallel processing of PCBAs

  • Stationery PCBA with constant heating

  • Lead-free, tin-lead and high-melt-point (HMP) solders

  • Water-soluble and no-clean fluxes

conformal coating and potting

  • Acrylic, silicon and polyurethane conformal coating

  • Various potting materials

  • Automated and semiautomated processes

In-house Test Capabilities

  • In-circuit test (ICT), flying probe, boundary scan and functional platforms

  • X-ray capable of 70-degree oblique views and CT scans

  • Thermal shock and 3-axis vibration testing under full load


Electromechanical Assembly and Integration

Electromechanical assembly

  • Panel, system and cable/harness assembly, point-to-point wiring

  • Optics and industrial controls

  • IPC-WHMA-A-620 trained operators


  • Total system integration of PCBAs, cables/harnesses and complex subassemblies

  • Complete testing, calibration and verification of finished product

  • Full product serialization and traceability

  • Final hardware and software configuration to end-user specifications

Product Testing

  • RF, GPS, optical, power and digital testing

  • Run-in and burn-in

  • Vibration and environmental stress testing


Machining and Mechanical Assembly


• Palm-sized to 3-ton assemblies
• Pneumatic, hydraulic and servo-actuated mechanical assemblies
• Liquid nitrogen for bushing insertion


• Component machining and tooling and fixture development with in-house machine centers
• Component purchase and modification for customer-specified applications
• CNC tube bending and cutting