Intervala Named Exclusive Manufacturer of TIAMA Inspection Machines in the Americas

East Pittsburgh, Pa., July 26, 2017 – Intervala, LLC, a full-service manufacturer of high-reliability, precision electronic and electromechanical products, announced today that it has reached a multiyear, multimillion dollar agreement with new customer TIAMA AMERICAS to manufacture glass container inspection machines. Intervala will be the exclusive manufacturer of the machines in the Americas and will produce them at its East Pittsburgh, Pa., facility.

Intervala will manufacture the numerous electronic, electrical, and mechanical components required for this high-tech equipment, then assemble them into fully operational machines for TIAMA. Manufacturers of glass bottles, jars, and vials use the proprietary TIAMA inspection technology to detect defects in the containers before they are shipped to the user.

“This exclusive agreement with TIAMA AMERICAS is a significant milestone for Intervala,” said Teresa Huber, president and chief executive officer. “We are honored to be chosen as TIAMA’s first manufacturing partner in the Americas and pleased to expand our customer base to include this global leader. Our work with TIAMA is an excellent fit with Intervala’s niche of manufacturing complex electronic and electromechanical products that must operate reliably in the most demanding conditions.”


TIAMA AMERICAS, based in Maumee, Ohio, is the American subsidiary of TIAMA, the world leader in providing inspection and quality control solutions for the glass packaging industry. TIAMA is headquartered in Vourles, France.

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