Intervala Partners with High School Students for Manufacturing Innovation Challenge

Intervala is partnering again with students from Allderdice High School in Pittsburgh to participate in Catalyst Connection’s Manufacturing Innovation Challenge. This program allows students to work with a local company to find a solution for a “real life,” process-related challenge. Intervala gave the Allderdice students two specific projects to work on for course credit. For this first visit, the students met with Intervala manufacturing engineers and production technicians to fully understand two challenges that Intervala faces within its production processes.

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The first challenge presented was a cumbersome handheld tool that our production staff must use each day. The students were asked how they would go about improving this tool to make its use within our production team more efficient. The second challenge was to create a 3D printed component fixture presentation for a high-speed printed circuit board assembly machine.

The Allderdice students will return to Intervala in May to present their solutions to our manufacturing engineers and production technicians. Intervala is proud to be involved in this program that encourages future generations to develop innovative solutions to unique problems that arise in the workplace.

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Colleen Clements