Intervala Celebrates First Anniversary

Company Manufactures Custom Electronic and Electromechanical Products for Customers in Industrial, Medical, Transportation, and Other Technology-Driven Markets

East Pittsburgh, Pa., January 31, 2017–Intervala, LLC, a full-service manufacturer of custom electronic and electromechanical products, celebrates one year in business this month. The Company was formed in January 2016 when a private investor group purchased the operation from Ducommun Incorporated. Intervala celebrated its first anniversary with an evening gala for employees and an investor open house.

Intervala’s East Pittsburgh operation can trace its origins back to 1881 and the Pittsburgh-based John Brashear Company, a manufacturer of telescopes, optics, and precision scientific instrumentation. Today Intervala manufactures sophisticated electronic and electromechanical products for customers in industrial, medical, transportation, and other technology-driven markets. These products require a high degree of engineering support or other customized services, and must perform reliably even in harsh conditions. Intervala-built products generally are very specialized and must adhere to stringent quality requirements and regulatory standards. 

“We are thrilled to continue our organization’s rich legacy under the Intervala banner, and are equally humbled to have retained all of our customers following the acquisition,” said Teresa Huber, president and chief executive officer. “During the last 12 months, Intervala has been successful in expanding its base of business, and we are delighted to be hiring additional talented team members to service increased demand. We are establishing Intervala as an organization dedicated to growth and driven by our vision to be the recognized standard in customer excellence.”

About Intervala

At Intervala, we create customized, intelligent solutions for each customer’s unique requirements. We are a full-service manufacturer of high-reliability, precision electronic and electromechanical products for companies in industrial, medical, transportation, and other technology-driven markets. Customers choose Intervala because we understand their complex product and service needs. Our team draws on decades of experience to bring a fresh approach to problem-solving, combining turnkey manufacturing capabilities and engineering, materials management, and global fulfillment services to deliver smart, innovative solutions. Total customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our business. To learn more about Intervala, visit  

Colleen Clements