In Our Employees’ Words: What’s It Like to Work at Intervala?

More employees weigh in on why they chose to join the Intervala team and what keeps them coming back every day:


I enjoy the opportunities provided by the variety of work. My skills have grown tremendously since joining Intervala because of the complexity and diversity of the work. I also really appreciate how supportive the management staff is to all employees.

– Jeff Harvey, Electromechanical Assembler 2, team member since August 2007

I love the fact that we cut the red tape in our company. There is always an open-door policy for discussions with upper management. We are more like family than coworkers. There aren’t a lot of politics here. They trust me to make the right decisions for the company and then support my decisions once they are made. This allows me to get creative in developing solutions that work great for Intervala and our customers.

– Mike Leroch, Lead Program Manager, team member since December 2003


The thing I like most is that I’m doing something different each day. One day I might be running the SMT machine and the next running the wave or selective solder machine. On another day, I could be doing some hand soldering. The variety keeps it challenging.

– Adam Letavec, Manufacturing Process Technician, team member since March 2002

Even after 34 years it is rare that I have a boring day at work. In a company our size, I like that we have the flexibility to work both within and outside of our job description …. this also includes picking up the donuts for any of our company celebrations! That flexibility helps us meet our goals, our customer’s needs, and improve on productivity in any way we can. I believe we all really take pride in what we do.

– Ed Mansell, Planner, team member since May 1984


What makes you want to stay at Intervala?

What has made me stay at Intervala for 30 years is the company's flexibility to work with me on time-off. Through the education reimbursement program, I was able to obtain two associate degrees. To obtain the second associate degree I needed one class that was only offered during working hours and the company let me leave work to attend that class, then come back to work to finish my shift. With the flexibility of work schedule everybody wins.

– Steve Yoxall, Electronics Technician 3, team member since April 1987


What would you tell a potential applicant about Intervala?

Intervala is an open, collaborative work environment. In addition to my daily responsibilities, I’ve also had the opportunity to work on unique projects with individuals from different departments and at all levels of the organization. Intervala is a great place to work if you want to join a team where all employees’ ideas are valued and considered.

– Courtney Shaffer, Talent Acquisition Specialist, team member since May 2016


What is the one thing about your onboarding experience that really stood out to you?

The one thing that really stood out to me during my onboarding experience at Intervala was the people and their willingness to help. My onboarding consisted of meeting with people from all different departments – from purchasing to engineering to quality to the production floor. I can say with great thanks that everyone was welcoming and wanted to help me have a successful onboarding experience.

– Norman Czarnecki, Supply Chain Commodity Manager, team member since October 2016


What was it that made you choose Intervala over other companies that interested you or with which you interviewed?

I chose to work at Intervala because I could tell that I’d have the ability to work collaboratively within my department and with outside departments. The open attitude of employees, in addition to the size of the company, has allowed me to contribute to the overall company, rather than just be a “paper pusher.”

– Simona Walko, Quality Engineer, team member since July 2017